This year`s competition will happen in person. All the competitors will receive a hands-on tutorial on the Chef`s Hat simulator environment, and will have 8h to develop the best agents.

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29th of October - Recife, Brazil

Credenciamento: 8h - 9h15

8h30 - 10h00

Chef`s Hat Tutorial  

A Hands on tutorial to introduce the Chef`s Hat simulation environment

10h00 - 18h00

Chef`s Hat Competition

Competition duration, with the final submission of the agents set to 18h00

18h00 - 19h00

Agent`s Tournament

The organization team will run the tournament with all the competitiors


Winner`s announcement

Announcement of the winner and prize ceremony



Contact Unit - IIT

 IEEE CIS Cognitive and Developmental Systems Technical Committee 

Time Visão - POLI/UPE